Test – Mini by Arden …. Leather and company!

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We were able to drive the Mini signed Arden commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the first victory of the team Arden. This is a limited edition of forty copies of which … the finish is just incredible! Leather, suede and black paint blend and intersect inside, seats, dashboard, rev counter, chest … even the logos « Airbag » are painted in black, as are ties to the child seats. The picture worth a thousand words!

arden 40th Anniversary MINI Equipe 59

Outside is the simplicity and elegance that are appropriate. A painting full of all plastics, front grille and rear bumper handmade accompany wheels 8 x 18 which weighs just 6.9 pounds each, which themselves host brake calipers 6 piston to the before. The suspension lowers the Mini 30 minutes.

Of course, the engine is no exception. An electronic journal, a very very free exhaust with a catalyst « racing », and a new intercooler offer 50 nm and 40 more horsepower … Acceleration is improved (even if you touch the edge of the train shortly before accepting especially on wet roads …) but mostly the reruns are progressing.

A VERY big kart.

The grip is no problem. It is simply to board a Mini with all the traits were amplified. Finishing high-end sound that recalls the heyday of the old Mini Cooper, suspensions that tell you precisely the condition of the road, the brakes can delay several times in a row a beautiful deceleration … Any help to enjoy driving this little bombies uptown …

The price? count approximately 62 000 euros a complete car. But all the elements can be selected retail.


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