1st Auto Grad Rallye de Kharkiv, deuxième ville d’Ukraine

  • Type d'événement : Compétition
  • Pays : Ukraine
  • Numéro de téléphone : +380 / 677 285 041
  • Organisateur : "Ukrainian Automobile Movement", Public Organisation
  • Lien : https://www.facebook.com/events/2081513865461121/
  • Date de début : 19/05/2018
  • Date de fin : 20/05/2018

Le 1er Auto Grad Rallye de Kharkiv, une chance de découvrir la deuxième ville d’Ukraine avec l’Ukrainian Automobile Movement ! Mais aussi de pratiquer l’anglais si vous n’avez pas appris l’ukrainien…

On May 19-20 in Kharkiv

We invite everyone to our rally – both experienced pilots and beginners !
The first stage of the « 1st Auto Grad Rallye » series will take place on May 19-20 in Kharkiv.
We will definitely tell and advise all newcomers how to read the legend, and will help you to orient on the special stages.

1st Auto Grad Rallye – the race is mainly for the regularity of traffic (but not only)), it will pass partly along the streets of the city, along the other cars. Separately, we will prepare several special stages of different types for you – such as « slalom » (correct execution of figures like « snake » etc.) and « sprint-slalom » (speed figured driving along the ring) and others.

We try to create the tracks in such way, so that the power of the car does not play a significant role – everyone will have an equal chance of success !

Link / More details about the event : http://ukravtoruh.com/en/projects-en/1st-auto-grad-rallye/

Link / Frequently asked questions : http://ukravtoruh.com/en/rallye-faq-en/

Registration will open on 9.04.18. (Ouverture des engagements le 9 avril)

Like we did in a past year – our team of organizers trying our best to create the tracks, that will be definitely not boring or insipid 🙂
Come and get your adrenaline dose !
It will be fun ! We will not left you bored !

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