Nissan GT-R SpecV : Pictures and more !

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Nissan announced the arrival of the Nissan GT-R SpecV in Europe. This new version of the Nissan GT-R will soon be released in Europe to 40 lucky!

Based on the Nissan GT-R since it was launched a little over a year in Japan, GT-R SpecV associated himself with the philosophy that the GT-R « Basic » in trying to improve it.

Nissan GTR Spec V evolution 12

What do we find it again?

Outside, the GT-R SpecV sports a rear spoiler, a front grille and brake ducts in carbon fiber. Note that the SpecV is optional color Ultimate Black Opal. Inside, two places now (while the GT-R is a 2 +2 the other versions), bucket seats Recaro have hulls made of carbon fiber. Inserts carbon fiber adorn the center storage box, the dashboard and several other linings.

Nissan GTR Spec V evolution 5

The performance of the GT-R SpecV should be even better thanks to a new pressure controller turbochargers allowing a momentary boost pressure of the two turbos for better acceleration at medium and high revs while preserving the flexibility and simplicity of the motor system below. Other changes include an exhaust line of titanium and carbon-ceramic brakes providing braking power and endurance.

Nissan GTR Spec V evolution 3 Nissan GTR Spec V evolution 6

The Nissan GT-R SpecV is also equipped with light alloy wheels forged developed for this model and distributed by Nissan Motorsports International (NISMO). Relief of non-suspended masses with these new wheels, more powerful brakes, suspension settings and exclusive tire very strong adhesion … All these factors provide the new Nissan GT-R SpecV performance quite exceptional.

Orders are open until December 2010. Deliveries are expected in April 2010.

The price? 149 000 €. It’s expensive to enjoy a certain exclusivity …

Voir toutes les photos en mode diaporama.

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