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The X6 is a worldwide success. BMW has launched an innovative and original car who likes playing a mixture of modern design 4 × 4 and cut. For his part, AC Schnitzer has embarked on an amendment to grant him a large number of amendments to fly high … That promises us a good test! Off to discovery in detail..

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 46


Contrary to what one might imagine, we are not in the presence of an X6 M, with the V8 twin-turbocharged 550 horsepower. No, the preparer of Aachen is a party X6 3.5 D, which already develops 286 horsepower. Of course, the list of equipment BMW is already respectable leather interior, GPS, head-up display, hi-fi system etc. Professional. The Falcon version we suggest you find a model that meets the desires of customers located on the side of the UAE and countries in Asia, which enjoys large wheels (22 or 23 inches, may soon be 24! ) Body and XX

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 43 AC schnitzer Falcon X6 49

All for pleasure !

From there, Schnitzer treats us to a top-flight preparation. It begins with theoutside who receives a body kit signed by the designer house, Michele meat, which extends the front fender 70 mn to 80mn and rear, new bumpers front and rear, a redesigned diffuser, catch Air on the cover (and that work …), a trunk spoiler and a two-tone paint Black sapphire / Havannabrown. The least we can say is that the car is impressive!

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 20 AC schnitzer Falcon X6 22

Part Chassis not to be outdone, with a complete suspension kit has been tested on the North Loop of the famous Nurburgring, by Manfred Wollgarten, the director assigned to the point of preparer. Side wheel, you can see from the pictures two models of forged aluminum rims (which guaranteed their weight very content) in 22 and 23 inches. The brakes are original.

The engine receives a reinforcement of power, and develops 310 horsepower thanks to a new electronic box and a new exhaust.

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 11 AC schnitzer Falcon X6 33

At theInternal, One is greeted with veneer on the dashboard, doors and steering wheel that replicate the color Havannabrown outside. The wheel of I-Drive gets its touch of personalization, with AC Schnitzer wheels just cover it. The logo « Falcon » on the dashboard (falcon in French) reminds you of the exclusive side of the gear you hands … Well, since it is in our hands, let’s test it!

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 56 AC schnitzer Falcon X6 53

Beware, I pass …

On the open road, the X6 Falcon is a car very comfortable, with enough power for a nice recovery, but the weight is there and nobody can do anything. If you push him a little, it turns flat, management is nice and the box, automatic, has a manual mode faster and smoothly. The elbow is placed on the arm lever falls battery on hand. A simple and gentle pressure on it skips the next higher or lower. In town, the automatic position you rest.

In acceleration, the 6 cylinder to a sound pleasant if not sport …

But the funny thing is to realize how much the car is wide! A simple construction zone that narrows the road, cars coming across and all of a sudden we began to monitor the wings, mirrors and cover more than just not being scolded by bringing a car with painting would have had to suffer a passage too optimistic side of a wall … In the photo below, the comparison with the Audi A3 and Volvo speaks for itself and allows to realize!

AC schnitzer Falcon X6 27 AC schnitzer Falcon X6 24

Finally, we are with a car that offers a vision of driving pleasure different from that we can have if you love sports cars and this is what makes the wealth of the world’s car upmarket.

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