Fan with a GT-R and a GT3 RS !!

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To try to answer the big question discussed at this time (and even more after the marketing campaign Nissan), We met a happy man who, when he opens the door to his garage to go participate in a day tour, a choice between a Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911 GT3 RS. And it makes us share his experience to help choose the best one that will meet your expectations.

GT3-RS-GT-R-Nissan-Porsche (2) « Philip, where did you first? »

Philip « This is the Porsche GT3 RS which came first in my box in October 2008. « Why did you choose the GT3 RS?  »

Philip « After a M3 E36Then E46 SMG2I wanted to achieve a childhood dream and have a GT3 RS which for me is the ultimate track car with bucket seats and carbon brakes very powerful and enduring. Its suspension allows for controlled movement on the open road with relative comfort. Simply pay attention to tires, Pilot Sport CupWhich are very susceptible to aquaplaning. I have a set of wheels OZ Ultraleggera equipped Pilot Sport 2 so you can use it if it is cold (below 10 °) « « And why did you buy a Nissan GT-R? »

Philip « I have friends who are awarded Porsche to Nissan and a quick test made me realize the potential of the car. I was impressed by the ease, power, braking and by the ambitious project to try to compete with German brands. « « Today you have two … Is that one collects over your favors than the other? One Will it replace the other? « 

Philip « I am fortunate to be able to keep both … and I’ll do. They provide both the pleasures different. The Porsche requires more rigorous pilot must, on a circuit, be careful, hardworking, attempting to improve round by round. If the track is dry, the driver shows him tempered with the feeling of being on the cutting edge … « « But this is the pleasure of driving is not it?  »

Philip « This is certainly the pleasure of driving. But not alone. To be able to exploit GT3 RSMust often turn on the circuit. Fifteen sorties per year to tame the rear overhang and progress. It approaches a race car that can run on roads. Whoever has the time and budget Tire / Fuel (4 Pilot Sport Cup cost 1 500 euros and will take 3 days on circuit) may draw the quintessence of GT3 RS. » « And in this case, brings more than the GT-R? »

Philip The FACILITY. With some bases piloting (acquired within the BMW Club. En)We can very quickly use it to 90 or even 95% of its potential! That is something I had never seen before! The 4 wheel drive helps a lot with its transfer of power. The car pardons much. With much forethought, she accompanies the driver. One has the impression of being on Gran Turismo 5. Except that it was the « G ». After 10 laps, one is able to make a time where they should be 3 / 4 a day to achieve the same result with the Porsche. The GT3 RS is a razor and the GT-R, a Swiss army knife Multi-purpose ! » « And it should be only one? »

Philip « This is … … … … … … … … … … … … ….




the Nissan GT-R«