Arden – XKR Convertible, 540 hp, 298 km/h

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Following our visit to Arden (after the very beautiful Mini and the company presentation), you will be able to discover a beautiful version of the latest Jaguar XKR convertible and its 5.0-liter V8 that has the trainer, specialist in British cars, looked … to our great joy!

Jaguar XKR cabrio Arden 6

Arden, or how to conjugate the verb sing.

I sing, you sing, it sings … it is how to summarize the feelings that gives you the Jaguar XKR convertible. Because of course it receives mechanical modifications that allow the V8 to display either 510 horsepower, but 540, reaching 298 km / h and 100km / h in 4.6 seconds (data Arden) despite a weight (fuel and driver included) of 1824 kg.

But the must is undoubtedly exacerbated the sound that emanates from the exhaust full stainless steel sports catalysts. During the photo session, a group of children who visited the castle came to see this big cat parked in the sun. At startup, they have a little startled. But when a gas blow came the crack walls, some ran away, surprised by this rumbling, hoarse!

Jaguar XKR cabrio Arden 13 Jaguar XKR cabrio Arden 11

To the French Riviera

With wheels in 9 x 21 inches, with a body altered after the AJ20 Wild Cat (front bumper and rear diffuser, side skirts, grille), she discovers a few seconds to enjoy the sun and even amplify the sensations described above. While seated, one sees before his nose long hood, it enjoys a smooth automatic gearbox and reactive features a manual mode with steering wheel controls. In case you choose this position, each downshift is accompanied by a flick of gas … It’s a joy hearing! It only needs the road along the seafront between Cannes and Saint Raphael (for those who know, for others, think whether you’re on vacation in the corner) and the arrival in the city’s festival bears his name. Here, you will hesitate to lend the keys to the Valet Carlton (or Martinez) and probably go park yourself the Jaguar XKR convertible in the basement, enjoying a final sound of the V8. The next day, you can always push on to Monaco. Then towards Italy … and then back through the Alps … In short, it will be difficult to get the keys!

Jaguar XKR cabrio Arden 9 Jaguar XKR cabrio Arden 7

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Données techniques :

Longueur : 4792mm

Largeur totale : 2028mm

Hauteur : 1315mm

Consommation : 11.7 l / 100km en moyenne.